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U.S. Air Force Technical Orders

    The Air Force Technical Order (AFTO, or T.O.) is the mechanic's bible. The T.O. carries the authority of the Secretary of the Air Force and must be used every time work is performed on an aircraft. For any given maintenance task, there is a specific T.O. to be used.
   The KC-10 T.O. listing is not numbered like other Air Force T.O. numbering systems, instead, it is based on the civillian Air Transit Authority (ATA) Maintenance Manual numbering system, where each of the major systems receive their own book number, and subsystems within each book receive their own chapter number. This numbering systems allows a technician to quickly find the technical data needed for the job.

  The following is a list of the KC-10 Technical Orders.

All T.O. numbers are preceded by:

1C-10(K)A-2- [Maintenance Practices]
1C-10(K)A-4- [Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB)]
1C-10(K)A-110- [Wiring Schematics]

-1 Intro
-2 Tool & Equipment List
-5 Time Limits/Maintenance Checks
-6 Dimensions and Areas
-7 Lifting and Shoring
-8 Leveling and Weighing
-9 Towing and Taxiing
-10 Parking and Mooring
-11 Required Placards
-12 Servicing
-20 Standard Practices: Airframe
-21 Air Conditioning
-22 Auto Flight
-23 Communications
-24 Electrical Power
-25 Equipment/Furnishings
-26 Fire Protection
-27 Flight Controls
-28-1 Fuel Systems: Part I
-28-2 Fuel Systems: Part II (Two Parts)
-28-3 Fuel Systems: Part III
-29 Hydraulic Systems
-30 Ice and Rain Protection
-31 Instruments
-32 Landing gear
-33 Lighting
-34 Navigation Systems
-35 Oxygen
-36 Pneumatic Systems
-38 Water/Waste
-49 Airborne Auxiliary Power (APU)
-51 Structures
-52 Doors
-53 Fuselage
-54 Nacelles/Pylons
-55 Stabilizers
-56 Windows
-57 Wings
-70 Standard Practices: Engine
-71 Power Plant
-72 Engine
-73 Engine Fuel and Control
-74 Engine Ignition
-75 Engine Air
-76 Engine Controls
-77 Engine Indicating
-78 Engine Exhaust
-79 Engine Oil
-80 Engine Starting
-91 Charts