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  • Airframe
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Airframe & Qualifications
KC-10A Extender
9th Air Refueling Squadron
660th Aircraft Generation Squadron (AMC)
5 Skill Level in primary AFSC 2A4X2: Communications/Navigations Systems Specialist.
Avionics System Qualifications:
UHF, VHF, and HF ACS communications systems.
VOR, TACAN, TACAN Inverse, IFF/ATC Transponder, ADF, AFSATCOM, L Band SATCOM, Interphone, PA, Boom & UARRSI Interphone, Air Refueling Signal system, Secure Voice (Encryption), HaveQuickII (Anti Jam), Color Weather Radar, I & J Band radar transponders, Radio Altimeter, Inertial Navigation System (INS), Autopilot, Pitot/Static system.
Miscellaneous System Qualifications:
Misc. Hydraulic systems, Refuel, Defuel, Towing.
Servicing: Engines, APU, Hydraulics
Operation: APU, Engines, Pneumatics, Air Refueling Boom, Cargo Door, Hydraulics, Power, Flight controls.
DC-10-10, DC-10-30F, MD-11F, Airbus A310 & A300-600, B747-100/200/400, B727-100/200
(Mobile Aerospace Engineering 1998-1999)
Avionics Mechanic II (of III)
System Qualifications:
VOR, DME, ATC Mode S, ADF, TCAS, ACARS, Airfone, Interphone, PA, Color Weather Radar, Radio Altimeter, Autopilot, Autoland/Dual land, Pitot/Static systems, GPS, Inertial Reference System (IRS), ECAM, Electronic Flight Control Systems, Flight Augmentation Systems, Flight Managment Systems, Wiring & Electrical Systems, Pnuematic systems, Fire detection systems, APU, Cargo Doors, Hydraulics, Power, Flight controls, Brake, Autobrake, & Antiskid systems, Fuel Quantity & indication systems, Engine Instruments.
DC-10-10, DC-10-30
(Omni Air International 1999-Present)
A&P Mechanic, Avionics Tech, Maintenance Supervisor
All Systems, Electrical & Mechanical, All Powerplant, Run & Taxi, RII all systems